Camilla Swanson, commonly known as Milla, is a major character in the Flower Power series.


Camilla has long, blonde hair with light blue eyes and light skin.

Luv Ya Bunches: Camilla wears a short-sleeved white t-shirt and white pants with white flats, most likely to match Club Panda. She also has the green scarf with the pink flowers that she got when she lost Tally.

Violet in Bloom: Camilla wears a pink headband with flowers, a silver sweater-dress, and white vinyl boots. She is known to wear this outfit when she goes over to Max's to see Stewy.


Camilla is a nice, sweet, strong young girl. She tends to get low-self esteem every once in a while, espicially around Modessa and Quin. However, she is bubbly and happy around her FFFs.